Monday, April 6, 2009

Burress Bluffing

Plaxico Burress is not doing much to clean up his image. It has been revealed that the embattled, now former Giants receiver was cited on March 15th for his fifth traffic ticket in just a month after being pulled over on Interstate 95 near Fort Lauderdale.

Burress, who already faces felony gun charges and a possible three year prison sentence, was less than cooperative with Broward County Deputy Donald Harris.  According to the New York Post, as he was questioned by the officer, Burress repeatedly responded with an unconditional, "F*ck you!"  

The reportedly, "violent and aggressive" NFL star insisted that the officer would, "hear about this by the end of [his] shift," after he requested to search the car for weapons. 

Claiming to know the Head Sheriff, "personally" Burress continued his tirade before the officer cited him for illegal tints and speeding.  His claims turned out to be false, as the Head Sheriff later confirmed he has never before met or even spoken to Burress.

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